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(Upper Left) George Fish,
since 1987, at the blues club
Slippery Noodle Inn,
Indianapolis, IN with late
Chicago electric blues
great, singer/harp player
Junior Wells, October, 1991
(Upper Right) George Fish with late blues legend who lived in Indianapolis
from 1955 until his death in 1997, the "Blues Mandolin Man," Yank
Rachell.  Rachell, who first recorded in 1929, was a master of the blues
mandolin, an instrument with a terific sound but little played in the blues,
an excellent singer & a prolific songwriter.  This photo was taken again at
the Slippery Noodle, February, 1996, at one of Rachell's last live
performances.  I first met Yank in Indianapolis in 1980, and was assigned
to write the notes for the LP version of one of Yank Rachell's most notable
albums, CHICAGO STYLE, released and distributed by national blues/jazz
label of international renown, Delmark Records.  My LP notes were also
used in a shortened form for the release of CHICAGO STYLE on CD in 1993.
The lower photos:  today, in two of my most favorite items of clothing.  My turquoise paisley-fish-embeded
pattern 1970s dinner jacket, originally bought at a vintage clothing store for $15, and although I've been
offered as much as $150 for it, is not for sale EVER.  Also, my Ray Charles t-shirt with silk-screened photo
of Brother Ray, which I bought in January, 2005, at the time the outstanding film on Charles' life, RAY, was
playing.  I am an especial fan of Ray, the Genius, and was called on to write a nationally circulated
obituary/left culteral appreciation of the man that was published in the Sept./Oct. 2004 "Solidarity News."